8-points of Posing with Jen Rozenbaum

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JenniferRozenbaum_Headshot8-points of Posing: The true definition of a successful pose is one that makes a client look as good or better than real life. In this class, Jennifer Rozenbaum will show you her tips for posing women of all shapes and sizes by working with what she calls the “8 Points of Posing.”

Jennifer will go over the 8 points of a woman’s body that you need to pay attention to every time you click the shutter. Not only will she tell you what they are, but what to do with the different points in order to flatter every woman no matter what her shape or size.

Communication is the key, so Jennifer will also teach you how to communicate to your clients for fast and effective movements, allowing you to make the most of your time. The bonus of this class is that the posing tips are fantastic for boudoir, but can also be applied to any type of photography in which you photograph women.

Event Details
Date: April 1, 2015
Time:  10am-12pm
Hours: 2 Hours



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