Photo Tethering Solution for the D3300

Posted by: on Feb 13, 2015 | 9 Comments
Photo courtesy of Nikon
Photo courtesy of Nikon

Nikon D3300 users: we may have a solution for your tethering needs. We’ve now seen a few reports of users having success tethering (scroll down to the comments) their D3300 with digiCamControl software. And good news, it’s free. Now for the sad news. Unfortunately, it’s only for Windows (sorry Mac users).


The digiCamControl software is actually pretty neat. It has a webserver function which allows for remote control of the application functions via a web browser on a smartphone or tablet. That basically means you can fire the camera via your photo or tablet. There are a number of other features to check out. There may be a few issues with certain features specific to the D3300, but if you have a PC and a D3300 you might as well give it a try since it is free.

UPDATE: Smart Shooter 3 also appears to support the Nikon D3300. See more posts about Smart Shooter.

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9 thoughts on “Photo Tethering Solution for the D3300”

  1. This is not a tethered solution but rather a work around. Being able to use Lightroom, Aperture etc to control your camera is a tethered solution. Running server software is not.

  2. @Larry McIntyre
    The webserver functionality is a additional feature, the application can be used in same way as the Lightroom tethering and a bonus feature you can access the D3300 camera live view using pc monitor

  3. OMG!
    I gave up a while ago looking for software to control my D3300.
    The only solution I found (which was really good) was the DIYPhotoBits software which I did use for a little while. Digicamcontrol though is just soooo amazing and provides the live view on a laptop that nearly had me get a Canon instead of the Nikon. So glad I didn’t as the Nikon is much beter than the Canon I would have got. Now tha it has this… WOW!!!!
    It worked first time, and after only 2 minutes I was sooo pleased.
    If you have a D3300 or D3200 this is a MUST have 😀

    Many thanks to the guys who wrote it. Well worth a donation.

  4. I have used Digicam for a couple years now. As I had always used the Nikon products as my tether for my D300 and the original D2X, but they chose to not keep up with their software tether development. So when i bought the D3300 24 mp 2 years ago i had to find a tether solution and Digicam fit the bill.

    It was and is free and it works! I have never had a problem with it and it does exactly what i want….it’s a studio tool where i tether up and shoot and use my laptop to view my product shots for lighting, composition and look out for pesky dust specs that are attracted to the high tech black plastic surfaces on the electronic products i photograph. When i’m shooting i’m SHOOTING, that’s what i get paid to do!

    Color balance is done in my camera. Sure you can also do color balance with tethered software also but that means you didn’t properly color balance the light in your camera in the first place.
    I never batch process or do any adjustments with any software on my laptop, that’s what my desktop tower is for with my color calibrated monitor.

    As a side note…i believe the Digicam product was the Nikon product that Digicam took over and improved from Nikon. (I read that someplace on the web).

  5. DigiCamControl software is NOT a total solution. Let me explain. There is a nice function in the software used for Astrophotography using the Bulb function. However the Bulb function in this module will not work on the D3300. The Live view works from within the Astro module to allow focusing on the star as it should be. However, setting up long exposures is not supported with the buld function and the software will frequently crash.
    Using the remaining functions seem to work OK except for an occasional system lockup and/or OS crash. NIKON never write an SDK for software engineers for this camera so many good Astro programs on the market which are few will not work with the 3000 series DSLR’s.
    Summary: It’s is unfortunate that this series camera has the same bulb function as like some of the other newer models and yet NIKON has not provided an SDK for software development for this camera.

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