Mount Your Tablet Without Removing Your Case

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In order for a case to protect your equipment, you need to have it on. So taking it off every time you want to mount your tablet somewhere just doesn’t make sense. With the Tether Tools AeroTab, you can keep your case on and still mount your tablet to just about anything. The trick is the adjustable secure corner-to-corner diagonal brace.


The corners are deep enough to allow for thick cases and by adjusting the bracket, they can also secure the thinnest ones too (i.e. iPad Air 2). 

iPad Air 2 with Smart Cover mounted with the Rock Solid Dual Ball Joint
iPad Air 2 with Smart Cover mounted with the Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Center Lock
iPad with Cover
iPad with Case mounted on ball head

And since the back of the AeroTab comes with the LAJO bracket, you can mount your tablet anywhere. Here it’s mounted to a tripod ball head using the Arca style connector:


Here it’s mounted to a tripod leg using a Rock Solid Articulating Arm and Rock Solid Master Clamp (available as a kit):

mounted-to-tripod-arm-with-articulating-arm-and-master-clamp Here it’s mounted to a mic stand using the AeroTab Utility Mounting Kit:


The AeroTab gives you the versatility to mount to any thing while still allowing you to keep the case on your tablet. Win, win.

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6 thoughts on “Mount Your Tablet Without Removing Your Case”

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