Capture One 2015 Serious Technical Training

Posted by: on Jan 20, 2015

National Capture One expert, Josh Booth, is hitting the road once again to offer advanced Capture One Pro training. Come learn about the tips and tricks that will bring your workflow to the next level. This is serious technical training. All training sessions will include lunch. Meet your local sales representatives and manufacturer representatives in respective cities.

2/16 – Seattle
2/18 – San Francisco
3/5 – Las Vegas
3/7 – Salt Lake City
3/30 – Pittsburgh
4/1 – Kansas City
4/3 – Minneapolis
4/9 – Nashville

Our Capture One education is unparalleled in its emphasis on workflow speed. How quickly can you take 2000 images and make basic adjustments, edit down to a group of selects, fine tune, make final picks, and process to TIFFs? How consistent will the exposure be between those images? After this training you are sure to be a faster, more confident, and more consistent editor and processor. Through a myriad of custom keyboard shortcuts, window customization, tool reorganization, and custom workspace simplification you will access and use tools and features faster.

Most training classes focus on today’s issues, today’s software incompatibilities, today’s glitches. Our training goes beyond today and go in-depth on the underlying technologies, design, strengths, and weaknesses of cameras from Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Canon, Nikon and the Capture One software package. You’ll leave with a deep understanding of the way these programs work under the hood, so that you’ll be a better troubleshooter.


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