Recorded Webinar: Why choose Tether Tools, Capture One Pro 8 and Sony?

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On January 14th, we co-hosted this free online webinar with Phase One. Feel free to watch it at your leisure.

Anders Espersen from Tether Tools and David Grover from Phase One will take you through a simple tethered workflow in this interactive webinar.

New features in Capture One Pro 8, now means that it is possible to tether your compatible Sony camera. Meaning images are instantly transferred and displayed in the Capture One viewer. Additional features such as Live View have now been added for compatible Sony cameras too, making tethered workflow for studio and location work a reality for Sony photographers. For an efficient tethered workflow it is important that all connections are secure, cables are of the highest quality and the capture station is secure and easy to operate. The webinar will explore Tether Tools huge range of hardware solutions to achieve this, from mounting solutions for laptops, computers and iPads to indispensable items to keep cables safe and connected. In this webinar we will setup the tethered shoot from start to finish, featuring the best Tether Tools hardware to complete the job.

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