Shoot to the Card When Tethered to Nikon

Posted by: on Jan 13, 2015 | 3 Comments

A question we often get asked is how to save an image directly to your memory card as well as to your computer when shooting tethered to a Nikon. We’ve heard many ideas as to why this is not an option and we aren’t going to weigh in on that debate. We are happy to report that tethering software Smart Shooter 3 does have this option.

In Smart Shooter, go to preferences. Under the General tab, click on the drop down next to Camera Storage. Simply choose “Both” from the drop down. Now you’ll have a back up on your card plus the copy on your computer.


Smart Shooter 3 has a bunch of other great features and the price point is nice. Take a look at it today.

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3 thoughts on “Shoot to the Card When Tethered to Nikon”

  1. They claim to be one of the few tethering options that is currently working with Nikons and OSX El Capitan. I’m prepping for a teching job in a few weeks, and don’t currently have a Nikon to try it with, but this could be a life saver for some folks currently out of options with the new operating system

  2. It works just fine with a Nikon D750 in El capitan and they offer a free trial for 24 sessions, up to 200 shots each so you don’t have to commit right away.
    Only thing I noticed is that it crashes when you try to use te ‘open in editor’ option. I had to go to the editor and open from there but this might have to do with El Capitan?

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