Phase One delivers A-series cameras for the fine art of photography

Posted by: on Dec 17, 2014

Phase One A-series Camera
Photo courtesy of Phase One

If you’re into medium format camera systems, here’s something new to lust over. Phase One just released the first A-series medium format camera system. The three new models are the A250, A260, A280. They are based on the ALPA 12TC mirrorless camera body, plus a Phase One medium format IQ2 A-series digital back – 50 megapixel up to 80 megapixels.

Each model comes with a 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. There are two other lenses available, an ultra-wide 23mm and an all-round 70mm.

Phase One a-series camera
Photo courtesy of Phase One

One of the coolest new features is a new version of Capture Pilot allowing wireless tethering to an iOS device straight from the camera. The A250 can also stream Live View wirelessly to an iOS device and the system includes an ALPA smart device holder to mount your iPhone or iPad directly to the camera.

If you’re going to pick one up from one of the Phase One partners, make sure to also pick up a TetherPro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed A to B tether cable or a TetherPro FireWire 800 – 9 Pin to 9 Pin tether cable.


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