Wirelessly Control Multiple Cameras from One Computer with CamRanger

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CamRanger announced with the most recent software update users can wirelessly control multiple cameras and CamRangers from one computer. Controlling multiple cameras and CamRangers will be available from the CamRanger Launcher application installed on one Mac or Windows computer.

In order for this function to work, all CamRangers must be updated to the required Version 7 Firmware as well as be the most recent CamRanger available.

Click here to download the latest CamRanger and CamRanger Launcher applications for Mac and Windows.

Is my camera compatible with CamRanger?

Curious if your camera is compatible with the CamRanger? Click here for a full list of compatible devices.

Need a way to mount your CamRanger?


For CamRanger Mounting Solutions, visit Tether Tools Wireless Tethering section of the website where they feature specific mounting kits designed for the CamRanger.

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