Secure your Android Tablet when shooting tethered

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Here’s how it sometimes starts…

I want to tether to a tablet…No, I don’t have an iPad. I have an Android Tablet…do you have a mount/case for that?…No?…Well, I guess I’m just going to have to figure something else out.

This conversation no longer has to exist.

cu5464-tether-tools-usb2-mini-otg-cable-adapter-android-02b-webAndroid Tablet, Microsoft Surface and Wacom users can now rejoice as there is finally a universal tablet mount available built to adjust with the changing technology of tablet sizes and styles.

(*NOTE: The OTG USB 2.0 & OTG USB 3.0 adapters are also available.)

Tether Tools this week released the AeroTab Universal Tablet Mount Series to the photography and videography world. The AeroTab comes in four styles: AeroTab S2/S4 (smaller size tablets), and AeroTab L2/L4 (larger size tablets). Depending on your mounting preference the Low-Profile S2 and L2 feature the LoPro-2 bracket and the S4 and L4 feature Tether Tools signature LAJO-4 ProBracket. 

Oh, and we want to mention they are also all backed by a manufacturer Lifetime Warranty!

AeroTab L2 holding a large tablet.

Mounting Options Available

ats4-ats4-tether-tools-aerotab-universal-tablet-mount-lopro-lajo4-caption-01-webThe AeroTab S2 and AeroTab L2 both have a 1/4”-20 tripod thread which is compatible with all tripods as well as a built in Arca-style receptor for mounting the AeroTab on compatible Arca style ball-heads.  The AeroTab S2/L2 features all the versatile functionality of Tether Tools LoPro2 ProBracket and is compatible with many 1/4″-20 arms, vacuum mounts and various other grip gear. 

atl2-atl4-tether-tools-aerotab-universal-tablet-mount-lopro-lajo4-caption-01-webThe AeroTab S4 and AeroTab L4 both are designed to mount to any 1/4″-20 tripod and Arca-style ball head but also includes a 5/8“(16mm) Baby Stud and 3/8” thread.  The AeroTab S4/L4 features all the versatile functionality of Tether Tools LAJO-4 ProBracket and will mount to any lightstand, Master ClampArm or Elbow and more.

atl2-tether-tools-aerotab-l2-universal-tablet-mounting-system-lopro2-06a-webAn additional 1/4”-20 receptor on the back of ALL AeroTabs allows one to attach a camera sling strap or belt clip designed for cameras or it can be used to add a light, microphone, recorder, receiver or more to any set up.

But the real question we all want to ask here is Will It Fit My Tablet? 

Will It Fit My Tablet?

aerotab-compatibility-chart1To determine the right version AeroTab for your tablet, measure the tablet’s diagonal length from corner to corner and measure its thickness to confirm compatibility. If keeping your tablet in a case when mounting, be sure to measure it with the case on.   

AeroTab S2/S4 sliding design holds tablets ranging in physical corner-to-corner diagonal length from 8.75”(22.2cm) to 14”(35.5cm) and accommodates tablets up to.75”(1.90cm) in thickness.  

AeroTab L2/L4 sliding design holds tablets ranging in physical corner-to-corner diagonal length from 13.5”(34.3cm) to 20”(51cm) and accommodates tablets up to 1”(2.54cm) in thickness.


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