How to Tether with Capture One Pro 8

Posted by: on Sep 16, 2014
Photo courtesy ©Phase One.

Curious on how to tether to Capture One Pro 8? Phase One released all new tutorial videos walking you through a number of features.

Shooting directly to Capture One Pro 8 is simple with a compatible Sony, Nikon, Canon, Phase One or Leaf camera. With this video, one will learn how to:

  • Manage files
  • Remote control from the camera
  • work with Live View
  • use Capture Pilot for iOS and web

Watch the Video: Guide to Tethered Capture

Buy Capture One Pro 8.

Watch the Video: Using Capture Pilot for iOS and Web 

Download Capture Pilot for any iOS device.

QUICK TIP: Learn how to secure your iPad when tethering wirelessly.

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