4 Ways to Use the Tether Table Aero

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The Tether Table Aero, with its extensive collection of accessories, is one of the most versatile workstations in the photography and video industries – but this is just the start! The Tether Table is a valuable tool in many different ways. Here are just a few:

4 Ways to Use the Tether Table Aero

Workstation for Photoshoots

The original inspiration behind the creation of the Tether Table! Photographers or videographers who need to keep their laptop close by on a shoot – whether they’re tethering to the computer or just need to review footage – love the portability and security that the Tether Table provides.

4 Ways to Use the Tether Table Aero

A Safe Place to Hold Gear

Need a place to hold lenses, color checker, light meters and other gear? Whether you’re in the studio or out in the field, the Tether Table keeps all of your gear in one organized spot. Makeup artists can use it to hold all of their materials. Producers can use it as a desk when they’re on a shoot. There’s a lot of possibility.

4 Ways to Use the Tether Table Aero

It’s a Portable Desk

Any professional that needs a portable desk, regardless of the industry, should consider the Tether Table. Mount it to a rolling stand and have a desk that you can wheel around any warehouse, hospital or office. Want a healthier work life? Create your own standing workstation with the Tether Table and keep your muscles active and engaged all day long!

4 Ways to Use the Tether Table Aero

Educational Tool

Teachers and photography instructors can use the Tether Table in the classroom. It can hold a projector, act as a podium, even pair with the Vu Monitor Mount to hold a larger screen and a keyboard. The Tether Table makes reviewing notes, photos and videos with students easier.

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