9 Ways to Use Connect, Connect Lite & the Wallee System

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When you combine Tether Tools’ Connect or Connect Lite brackets with the Wallee iPad Case , and some Rock Solid Arms and Clamps,  the possibilities for mounting and using your Apple iPad are seemingly endless.


9 Ways to Use & Mount Your iPad or Tablet
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Transferring Images During a Shoot
The Connect Bracket offers four mounting options to attach to tripods, light stands, arms, clamps and Arca-style plates and heads, so you can mount your iPad wherever you need it. Use the tablet as a monitor for transferring images live as you’re shooting them! Sold separately, the Rock Solid Aero Elbow gives you the tilt adjustments that you want when using a junior or baby light stand or C-Stand.

9 Ways to Use & Mount Your iPad or Tablet

A Teleprompter for Video Shoots
Use the Connect Lite Mounting System to use your iPad as a teleprompter on a video rig.


9 Ways to Use Connect, Connect Lite & the Wallee System

On a Lightstand for a Clock or Clapboard
iPad apps for video allow you to track your time and chart scenes. Having the iPad running the app on your shoot makes it easy to stay on track. With a lot of people on set, you’ll want to protect the iPad corners with a Pro Bumper as well. The Aero Elbow is a nice tool to help you achieve the perfect angle for your crew.

Connect Lite

9 Ways to Use & Mount Your iPad or Tablet

For iPadography
With the Rock Solid Tripod Adapter, you can mount your iPad or tablet to a monopod or tripod for taking steady, quality photos and video, or to view images as you shoot.

9 Ways to Use & Mount Your iPad or Tablet 

An On-the-Go Desk
Use your iPad or tablet on the plane? Maybe in the coffee shop? The Connect Lite’s included “stick” can be positioned as a stand for a comfortable typing setup.

9 Ways to Use & Mount Your iPad or Tablet

For Hand’s-Free use of the iPad
The TabStrap featuring BlackRapid is one of the most intuitive and useful accessories! The hands-free sling strap system attaches the Connect Lite and a shoulder strap to keep your iPad within arm’s reach at all times. It’s great for keeping your iPad nearby when you need it but freeing your hands up to do other things in the meantime.

Showcasing Your Work
The TabStrap is great for sharing images with clients while you shoot and stylists also love the TabStrap system because they can easily reference images and inspiration on the scene. As a photographer, your portfolio can always be on-hand for showing off, too!

9 Ways to Use & Mount Your iPad or Tablet

A Monitor for Video Rigs
The lightweight Connect Lite is ideal for mounting the iPad as a monitor for video, too. Attach the Connect Lite to a Rock Solid Articulating Arm and Mini-Clamp, and you can literally mount your iPad anywhere on your rig or stand.


A Sheet Music Stand
Whether for practice or performance, the Connect Lite iPad Utility Kit puts your library of sheet music at your fingertips.

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3 thoughts on “9 Ways to Use Connect, Connect Lite & the Wallee System”

  1. Hello,
    I recently purchased a Wallee for iPad Mini, a Connect Lite, D-ring and BlackRapid strap. I like the setup, but I already lost the threaded “stick” that came with the Connect-Lite. I must not have screwed it in tight enough because it fell out of the hole on the side of the Connect-Lite while I was walking.

    How can I go about ordering a replacement? I don’t see an option for that on your website.

    Thank you

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