What is appleJuce?

Posted by: on May 15, 2014

aj-kit-2oz-tether-tools-applejuce-device-cleaner-01-webAt Tether Tools, we like to share tricks of the trade with the photography community. So we wanted to give you a heads up on one of our personal must-haves: AppleJuce screen and device cleaner.

The non-toxic, water based cleaner removes stains, oils and smudges off of your tech gear. That includes iPhones, iPads, monitors, desktops, laptops, and other screens. AppleJuce’s plastic packaging is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. Plus, it has a great organic green apple scent.

aj-kit-2oz-tether-tools-applejuce-device-cleaner-mist-01-webAppleJuce is also manufactured in the United States, which helps the environment due to less travel and less carbon into the air. The product is environmentally and device friendly; it has no alcohol, no ammonia, and no sodium lauryl sulfates.

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