Capture One Pro Supported Cameras for Tethered Photography

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UPDATED: For the most up to date list of supported cameras, please see this page or this page for Sony cameras.

Capture One Pro is one of the leading RAW converters rendering precise colors and incredible detail with file and tethered capture support for leading high-end cameras. The software also contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customizable and integrated solution.


The lists below illustrates which cameras Capture One Pro offers file and tethered support for. Please note that Capture One Express does not offer tethered support.

*select camera manufacturer to see specific models supported*

Phase One
Konica Minolta


Tether Tools and PhaseOne have assembled the Capture One + Tether Tools Pro Kit for working professionals looking for the complete solution. Included is everything you need to mount a laptop, connect your camera and computer and start shooting tethered with premier, instant tether, raw conversion software.  

Trying to locate the correct tethering cable for one of the above camera manufacturers? Camera and cable specifications can be found on the Tether Tools Cable Compatibility Guide.

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15 thoughts on “Capture One Pro Supported Cameras for Tethered Photography”

  1. have you tested this cable with Pentax K5?
    Does it allow live view on the PC?
    How are the files being transferred? Does it come with any software to do that?

  2. Hi Hendrik – COP does not support EYE-Fi in their software direct. EYE-FI uses its own software, however you can set up a watched folder in COP to automatically import the EYE-FI images. IF you are interested in wireless solutions feel free to contact as there are a few really interesting options available, depending on your camera make and model. – Seth

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