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Posted by: on Feb 11, 2014
sony a7r
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If you’re interested in tethering with Sony’s a7R, you’re going to need an a7R tethering cable at the very least. But we’ve found that people don’t buy cameras like the a7R because they want the very least. Instead, why not look into a complete tethering kit.

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Sony Starter Tethering Kit

The Kit Includes

  • TetherPro Cable for your Sony a7R
  • The JerkStopper Camera – Designed to both prevent the cable from disconnecting during shooting and protect your camera
  • JerkStopper USB – Keeps the cable from disconnecting from your computer as well
  • Tether Tools Cable Organization Case – Store your tethering kit in this easily accessible, durable storage case
  • TetherPro USB LED ProLight – Quickly view shot lists, notes and anything else while working on a dark set

By the way, this kit is also compatible with the Sony a7, Sony a7II and Sony a7S.

Their cable on the left. Tether Tools TetherPro cable on the right.
Their cable on the left. Tether Tools TetherPro cable on the right.
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