CamRanger Troubleshoot: Connection Issues

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Question: My CamRanger won’t seem to stay connected to my iPad. 

Answer: Connection issues are related to one of two things: USB or WiFi, with USB being the more common culprit.

WiFi issues are usually due to environmental interference. Sometimes with certain flash controllers interference can cause issues. While this is not very common, it can happen on occasion. 

USB issues are more common and could be from one of the following:

Question: What can I do to troubleshoot this issue?

Answer: For WiFi, try taking just the CamRanger, camera and iPad/iPhone/Android outside and see if there are connection issues. This will allow you to see whether or not your CamRanger is functioning correctly.

For USB, you can try the following:

    Check battery levels to confirm it’s not dropping the connection due to low battery. If you believe you run out of battery too quickly, check out the Rock Solid External Power Bank for extra power.
    Tether Tools JerkStopper Camera Support Cable Management
    Make sure your cable is securely connected to your CamRanger & camera. A JerkStopper Camera Support can help keep the USB secure in the camera.
    Try a different higher quality cable such as a 1′ or 3′ TetherPro Cable.

    Question: I wonder if it’s the CamRanger bag included?

    Answer: If you think the provided CamRanger bag is not working for you, some other available options are:

    The Mighty Mount + 1/4″-20 Hot Shoe Mount is a secure way of mounting the CamRanger to the top of the camera.
    SmartClip + Hot Shoe option is another way of securing your CamRanger without using adhesive.
    If having the CamRanger attached to your camera is not an option, look at the StrapMoore Extender which allows you to attach the CamRanger directly to your camera strap.

    Back-Up Recommendation

    While shooting wireless to an iPad is great, on shoots where you must see images immediately, we always recommend bringing a back up cable and laptop with you.  Even if it never comes out of your car, you always want to have a back up Tether Cable handy just in case.  

    Have another troubleshooting question?

    Be sure to check out Tether Tools’ CamRanger FAQ page which features compatibility, usage & spec questions such as:


    • Which iOS devices & versions can be used?
    • Which Mac OSX is supported?
    • Is there a version for my Windows PC computer or Android device?
    • Are you planning on supporting a particular camera model?
    • Is a particular feature supported on my camera?
    • Is my camera supported?


    • Can I use CamRanger while it is charging?
    • Why does it tell me the image is too large to view?
    • Can a single CamRanger work with different cameras?
    • How does continuous shooting mode work?
    • How do I register my device?
    • I’m done using CamRanger, why can’t I get Internet access?
    • I have a Wi-Fi signal, why can’t I connect to the CamRanger?
    • Why are some camera properties disabled?
    • How do I attach my CamRanger after connecting it to my camera?
    • How does my iOS device connect to the CamRanger?


    Additional details or to purchase a CamRanger Tethering System

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    6 thoughts on “CamRanger Troubleshoot: Connection Issues”

    1. I have had my Camranger for about 12 months and have had no problems with it until recently.
      I am not able to focus from the camranger software on my laptop. Also Manual mode is now blacked out completely no matter what f stop/speed/ISO settings I use.
      many thanks

    2. Hello, i bought camranger a few days ago with serial: XXXXXXX. I haven’t read the instructions well and i did register on a few different devises and now i need to work with my tablet but i can’t do register. I am receiving a message which tells that i am connected on a few devises. Please help me how can fix it, cause i need it for my work!

    3. Cam ranger app freezes. We’ve had this problem for 7 months and the scenario goes like this:
      When making exposure adjustments after seven or eight shots the app “freezes”. We’ve used two different Nikon bodies and feel confident that the issue is not the camera nor camera settings – the settings work fine until the app locks up again. We like the product but it’s erratic behavior is very time consuming to deal with continually.
      Dealing with the vendor directly has not assisted in getting a solution.

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