Upcoming Better When You Tether Series

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YouTether_Logo_082613-02Over the next three months, Tether Tools is partnering with pros from all corners of the photography world to bring you a series of inspired articles called ‘Better When You Tether’.

This series will feature photographers, their work and behind the scenes glimpses of how their workflow set up has made an impact on their business. Tune in next week on Tuesday when our first article by Steve Boyle will reveal tips and tricks for capturing overhead images of athletes. The professional photographers featured in the series include individuals who’ve shot Fortune 500 CEOs, college sport teams, commercial work, major product photography, famous musicians and more! 

Sneak Peak: Next week features Steve Boyle

Tethering on location with no restrictions, Steve Boyle travels to capture individuals at Kenyon College in Gambler, OH. The assignment required him to mount a camera directly over the athletes in action, making the camera inaccessible for on the fly adjustments. 

Tune in next week to find out how Steve was able to capture this image.

Final: Photo courtesy ©Steve Boyle




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1 thought on “Upcoming Better When You Tether Series”

  1. I am looking forward to next week. Your tether tools have helped me increase my production at our onsite photo sets.

    The orange cord alone keeps our eyes on the client and the cord in the camera. Great products for pro photographers mean more income.

    Many of our clients notice the little things and other photographers have approached us asking about the orange cords.

    Thanks again, Joseph

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