Q&A: Canon Camera Not Detected When Tethering in Lightroom 5

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I recently upgraded to Adobe Lightroom 5 (LR5) on a Windows 8 platform and am tethering with a Canon DSLR Camera.  I am now experiencing connectivity issues. What can I do?


First, make sure your Canon model DSLR is supported in Lightroom 5 for tethering.

If your camera is supported in LR5 but not being recognized when starting a “tethering session,” it may be due to a minor software glitch. Check your computer’s Device Manager. Is the camera showing up as a “Portable Device?” Are there other peripherals showing as portable devices, too? It appears there is a minor software bug and LR5 is getting confused on which device it needs to communicate.

The fix is simple. Close LR5; unplug all “Portable Devices” but the camera from the computer; launch LR5 and start your tethering session. Once the camera connection is established, you can plug in the other “Portable Devices” and all should work properly. Please be aware if you turn your camera off or close LR5, when trying to reestablish the tethering connection, you must unplug the other peripherals again and start the process over.

Certainly this bug will be fixed with an update but in the meantime hopefully this work-around will keep things rolling.

If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact Tether Tools Customer Service or give us a call at 888-854-6565.

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One thought on “Q&A: Canon Camera Not Detected When Tethering in Lightroom 5”

  1. The worst case would be that the usb port on the camera is defective and your camera is out of warranty. I found that my Nikon D-700 wouldn’t Tether or transfer files. Tried several usb cords to rule out the cord and tried other usb devices to rule out the computer’s usb port. I ended up having to send the Nikon in for a repair of the usb port.

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