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Posted by: on Apr 9, 2013

Douglas Sonders Tether Tools Setup

The last week of February, fstoppers contributing editor Douglas Sonders featured a wonderful article on some tethering gear he recommends using while on shoots. Tether Tools Aero Table System, cables, JerkStoppers and straps were all featured in the article.

They (Tether Tools) are THE one stop shop for all of your tethered shooting gear needs including software. They have seemingly infinite customizable tethering configurations that you should definitely check out.
Douglas Sonders

Click here to read the full article.

Douglas Sonders

Who is Douglas Sonders? In his words: I’ve photographed in the White House, run around back stage at the Grammy Awards, hung out of helicopters, ridden on tanks, and partied on rock and roll tour busses all in the name of getting the right shot or film the TV ad the right way. My work has been seen on the cover of Time Magazine, Popular Science, national TV, etc etc. I hope sharing some of my experiences will help you… or at least be entertaining!

If you would like more information on Douglas, be sure to check out his website – Douglas Sonders Photography.


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