Hands-Free Solution for iPad and Tablets from BlackRapid & Tether Tools

Posted by: on Mar 15, 2013

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Tether Tools is partnering with BlackRapid to create the TabStrap featuring BlackRapid ($89.90). The complete system includes a strap, connector and bracket. This strap solution for iPads and tablets allows users to free up their hands during events such as photo shoots, tradeshows, meetings and educational platforms.

wstrpkt-tether-tools-connect-lite-black-rapid-strap-d-ring-kit-wallee-system-frontTabStrap featuring BlackRapid for the Wallee System Kit

The TabStrap featuring BlackRapid for the Wallee System Kit is a versatile and ultra-secure strap solution for hands-free wearing of an iPad or tablet. It features: (1) lightweight BlackRapid TabStrap with length adjustment clip and locking bumpers, (1) Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite bracket and (1) “Hitch” D-Ring connector for Connect Lite.

The streamlined “Hitch” D-Ring attachment and Wallee Connect Lite bracket lays the iPad or tablet flat on the body for a comfortable fit. BlackRapid’s included ConnectR provides easy glide on the strap and utilizes a locking carabiner, swivel base, and screw-lock gate to keep the tablet secure.

The Wallee Connect Lite by Tether Tools secures the strap to the iPad by locking into the Wallee Case (sold separately). Rotate the tablet via the Connect Lite for portrait or landscape viewing.

When you’re not wearing the iPad or tablet, the Connect Lite and Wallee Case can mount to a tripod, arm, or clamp for more convenient viewing.

tether-tools-tethered-photography-METRO-FLAT-DRingBlackRapid Metro Strap & “Hitch” D-Ring

Already have a Connect Lite and Wallee Case? The BlackRapid TabStrap and “Hitch” D-Ring are also sold separately, so you can purchase these accessories on their own to create the TabStrap featuring BlackRapid strap solution.


The TabStrap featuring BlackRapid strap solution is compatible with all Wallee cases.

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