Wireless Tether and View Images on iPad with Leaf Capture Remote 2.1.1 – Now Available

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The Leaf Capture Remote 2.1.1 application is a neat tool worth checking out.  The App enables you to shoot tethered and then wirelessly view the images from your shots folder on your Apple® iPhone™ or iPad™.  The App accesses your shots folder while shooting, and provides the ability for you or anyone else to scroll through the images on an iPhone or iPad, independent of new images being shot.  This is a nice option for sharing images with  Art Directors and Clients on the set. 

Leaf Capture Remote 2.1.1 New Features:

  • Leaf Aptus-II 12, Leaf Aptus-II 12R and AFi-II 12 support

In addition, as of LCR 2.1 the following added features have been available:Browsing & viewing

  • Thumbnail view
  • Histogram on thumbnails & on images
  • Show/hide controls option (one click)
  • 2 finger click use for in/out/back


  • User management
  • Password protection

Folder management

  • Select folder or track Leaf shots folder.

Available from the Apple App Store

Are you looking for a way to incorporate the iPad into your shooting workflow?  The Tether Tools Wallee Connect and the Wallee System may be worth exploring with it various interchangeable accessories.





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