Aero ProPad for Tether Table: Your Laptop’s Multi-Tasking Best Friend

Posted by: on Jan 14, 2013
Tether Tools ProPad for the Tether Table Aero.

You may already know and appreciate the Aero ProPad ($17.95) as a non-slip surface for your tethered photography workstation. But did you know that the ProPad keeps your laptop cool, too? The specially formulated composite design on the cushion disperses heat generated from laptops.

With the coupling of a sturdy Tether Table and the non-slip, full-coverage ProPad, you’ve got a secure and versatile setup. So go ahead – use your Tether Table to hold a laptop, camera and hard drive; clip on a cup-holder to store your spare change and your car keys…and keep cool shooting all day long.  And an added bonus: the ProPad is water- and stain-proof, so it wipes clean at the end of the day and packs up easily for the next shoot.

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