Managing Child & Pet Photoshoots with Look Lock

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Tether Tools’ new Look Lock ($74.95) is a universal smartphone holder designed to mount an engaging screen right near your lens to attract and keep the attention of your subjects. Designed to make children and pet photo sessions more manageable, the Look Lock can mount any device up to 3.35 inches (85mm) in the universal spring-loaded LoPro Phone Mount. Non-skid pads on each interior protect your smartphone or device while holding it firmly in place so the Look Lock can be mounted to your camera or other photography equipment in seconds. The mount is anchored to the camera via a specially engineered cold shoe mount and articulating arm that enables ideal positioning of your device’s screen regardless of the camera or lens you are shooting.

Once installed, play a favorite App, movie or audio track – on your phone or the parents’ – and grab those moments of fascination. The Look Lock is designed to remain stable as the camera is jostled around and rotated from portrait to landscape position.

The Look Lock includes:

  • Rock Solid 11-inch (29 cm) or 7-inch (18 cm) Articulating Arm
  • Specially Engineered Cold Shoe Mount
  • LoPro Phone Mount or device holder (up to 3.35- inches/85mm wide)

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6 thoughts on “Managing Child & Pet Photoshoots with Look Lock”

  1. This is a superb idea! I use one of those lens buddies that squeaks, but I find that kids and babies either ignore it or lose interest in it quickly. This rocks. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Are you working on anything similar that doesn’t have to be mounted into the hot shoe? For people who use studio lights and whose trigger will be there?

  3. Sarah, you can buy the arm separate with a clamp to mount it on just about anything. We also sell the phone mount separately. If you buy all three pieces, you can recreate this setup, but instead of mounting it on a hot shoe, you can mount it to any round or flat surface.

    Phone Holder:

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