Mount an iPad or Galaxy Tablet to Microphone Stand

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Are you a musician looking to easily mount an iPad or Galaxy Tablet on a mic stand?

Tether Tools and the Wallee Tablet System may have the most versatile solution available.

Angle an iPad or Galaxy Tablet in any position on the top of a mic stand

The Wallee iPad and Galaxy precision molded cases are the heart of the Wallee modular system.  Simply plug any Wallee compatible accessory into the patented “X” mounting receptor for a versatile tablet configuration that fits just about any situation.  There are already dozens of useful accessories for the system and now they have introduced the Mic Stand Kit for musicians.

The Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit is an ideal addition to any studio, sound booth or concert venue where microphone stands are utilized.  Mount an iPad or Galaxy tablet to the top or column of any standard mic stand or boom.  Ideal for voice-over, script reading, music recording, performing and practicing.

Easily attach an iPad or Galaxy Tablet at any angle on the column of any microphone stand

The Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit includes everything you need to mount your Wallee iPad or Galaxy Case (sold separately) to a standard microphone stand.

Included in the Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit is the EasyGrip articulating ball-head assembly which allows for angling of the tablet in just about any position. Attach the EasyGrip’s removable ballhead assembly directly to the Rock Solid Microphone Adapter for a full range of tablet positioning on the top of the mic stand. Or attach the EasyGrip Clamp directly to the stand’s column allowing a microphone on the top of the stand and a tablet positioned below.

The Rock Solid Music Kit includes:

Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit for iPad & Galaxy Tablets

The Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit is designed for easy transport and can be added to any standard microphone stand or boom.  Simply show up at the venue and position the tablet exactly as needed.

A really cool aspect of the system, because it is modular in nature and builds on itself, if you already own the Connect or Connect Lite Bracket this configuration can be achieved by simply purchasing the EasyGrip ST and Rock Solid Microphone Stand Adapter.

Drummers may want to check out their Drum Mounting Kit.


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