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Posted by: on Feb 20, 2012


By now you’ve probably realized that Tether Tools really loves supporting photographers’ needs. We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier. So, when we find other companies with the same goal, we admittedly geek out a little! Animoto is definitely one of those tools that will make your life easier. It’ll help you secure new clients and sell more of your photos to existing ones.

There are lots of slideshow and video editing tools out there. The main challenge with most of them is making a video look really nice. It typically takes hours of editing, cutting, timing images with music, and building interesting transitions.  Animoto has brilliantly come up with a tool that does all of that challenging and time-consuming work for you!

You simply upload your images, put them in the right order, pick your music and, within seconds, Animoto creates your video for you. Yes, it is really that easy. And yes, it will help you sell more of your images. Whether working with brides, families, kids or event producers, seeing the special images from your shoot set to music, just hours or days after they are taken, makes clients feel great.

Music and imagery evoke such emotion. Your clients will treasure the video and be compelled to buy the images.  The ease with which Animoto allows you to create video means you can focus more of your time taking pictures and making your clients happy.

If you were to use Animoto to create a video, what’s the one song you’d put in it to really help close the sale? We want a song that you feel really gives clients insight into your personal shooting style. Get creative!

Want the Animoto membership? You can win it, and all of the other gear we’ll be adding to the Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation in our Tether Tools Top 20: Start the New Year off Right Facebook Campaign. Just like the Tether Tools Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes via the form. Then, share the screenshot we posted of Animoto and, in the comments section, tell us what’s the one song you’d add to your video to help close the sale. Full terms & conditions.

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