Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation: StrapMoore

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The go-to-gear you use all the time was likely the brainchild of a photographer who once said…

“If only I had a device that could do ____!”

Luckily for you – and for us – photographer Brad Moore last year said, “Hey Tether Tools I’m all set up to Tether, but I don’t have anywhere to put the powerbrick for my MacBook. I still have to gaff it to the tripod leg. Do you have anything that can help?”

At the time, we didn’t. But we quickly designed and created the StrapMoore (and yes, we lovingly named it after Mr. Moore!). The StrapMoore is an awesome little contraption that straps on to your tripod or stand legs and has two open straps to hold whatever gear you don’t have a place for yet. It can hold a powerbrick, phone, flash, lightmeter, water bottle, or whatever else you want to have nearby your camera or computer when shooting.

For today’s post tell us about a tool you’d like to see from Tether Tools – or about a solution you need to a photography challenge.   You never know, we may have a solution for you!

Want the StrapMoore? You can win it, and all of the other gear we’ll be adding to the Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation in our Tether Tools Top 20: Start the New Year off Right Facebook Campaign. Just like the Tether Tools Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes via the form. Then, share the image we posted today of the tripod accessory arm with your friends and, in the comments section, tell us who or what you’d like to photograph. Full terms & conditions.

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One thought on “Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation: StrapMoore”

  1. I need a better way to store my battery pack for my flash. I currently wear it on my belt and tend to get twisted up in the chord while I’m shooting.

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