Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation: SecureStrap for the Aero System

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We told you this week in the Tether Tools Top 20: Start the New Year off Right contest was all about securing your gear! The Secure Strap for the Aero System is actually the second product that we developed as an ideal accessory for the Tether Table.

It’s hard to imagine that when we started Tether Tools, it was just tables and straps. Now we have dozens of accessories to make shooting easier for photographers! The Secure Strap is custom-designed with hooks that attach snugly to the sides of the table, so you can secure your laptop or any other gear that you place on top of it.  The extra security can be a lifesaver.  Or, at the very least, a laptop-saver!

For today’s share, tell us what is the most valuable piece of photo gear to you – the gear you’d do anything to protect.

You can win a Secure Strap and all of the other gear we’ll be adding to the Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation in our Tether Tools Top 20: Start the New Year off Right Facebook Campaign. Just like the Tether Tools Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes via the form. Then, share the image we posted today of the Secure Strap with your friends and, in the comments section, tell us which piece of your photography equipment you’d do anything to protect. Remember to make your post public and tag Tether Tools in your answer so that you have a fair chance of winning!

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Tethered Photography Workstation: SecureStrap for the Aero System”

  1. All my gear is precious to me, but in the end it comes down to two that are most vulnerable, my camera body and my laptop. Of those two, the laptop is one that can not take much abuse were the camera body is designed a little more ruggedly. Both of these are with me at all times and I take great pains to make sure nothing happens to them. Having something extra will definitely bring me some piece of mind.

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