Shooting Tethered – Things to Consider

Posted by: on Nov 16, 2010

By Frank Doorhof of Studio FD

Many people who know me will know that I’m a big advocate for shooting tethered in the studio and if possible also on location.

Some people will say it’s a hassle to setup a notebook and shooting with a wire is so limiting, I have to agree with this at first, but still I strongly believe that the negatives are nothing compared to the benefits of shooting tethered.

When shooting on the card you have no real feedback on the quality of the files, you can of course check on the back of the camera but even taking into account that the modern cameras have a great quality screen, the back of the camera is still no way to make 100% sure you nailed the focus. When working with a team it becomes even worse, I’ve seen 10 people gathering around to look at the back of the camera to see how the images look, well that simply doesn’t work.

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