Can you shoot Tethered with the Apple iPad?

Posted by: on Apr 5, 2010

QUESTION: Can you shoot Tethered with the Apple iPad?

ANSWER: With the much anticipated release of the new Apple iPad this week, one burning question being asked is, can you shoot tethered with the iPad?

At this time, tethered photography is not an option with any commercial software release.  There have been rumors of products and apps in development.

The iPad Camera connection Kit has added a little confusion to the mix.  The connection kit currently allows one to connect their camera to the iPad via a USB port or card reader.  These uses are currently for uploading existing image files to your iPad for importing, editing and viewing.  The iPad will support JPEG & RAW formats.

iPad Camera Connection Kit
iPad Camera Connection Kit

As tethering apps and software releases are introduced for the iPad, Tether Talk will keep you up to date.


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