Get to Know: Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

Jun 17, 2016

In photography and videography work, flexibility is king. You’re often at the mercy of your gear, so if you’re searching for a versatile solution that you can use on each and every shoot please let us introduce you to the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm. This fully adjustable arm is designed for positioning a tablet, small…

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Mount an iPad to a Tripod or Light Stand with Wallee

Nov 19, 2015

While you still can’t shoot tethered with a cable into an iPad, using several different tools such as the CamRanger, Capture One Pilot, or Lightroom Mobile, photographers are able to add an iPad to their tethered workflow. The innovative Wallee Modular Accessory System seamlessly integrates your iPad into your photography, film, and music workflow – and just about everywhere…

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Get to Know: The Rock Solid Master Clamp

Oct 12, 2015

The Rock Solid Master Clamp from Tether Tools is an indispensable piece of equipment designed to mount arms and gear to a wide array of round or flat surfaces. One of the Rock Solid Master Clamp’s most ingenious features is its safety pin. See that silver pin on the side of the Master Clamp in…

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Adobe Lightroom iPhone and iPad App Now Free

Oct 9, 2015

Adobe Lightroom mobile fans rejoice! The Adobe Lightroom photo app for iPhone and iPad will now be free to use. Users will no longer be required to own the desktop software version of Lightroom or sign up for a Creative Cloud subscription. The popular app has always been free to download, but required a paid Creative Cloud…

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Phase One’s Capture Pilot for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and Supported Cameras

Sep 30, 2015 | 2 Comments

Capture One Pro from PhaseOne is a state-of-the-art imaging software that is the preferred tethered capture program for many professional photographers. The professional RAW converter offers incredible image quality with accurate colors and incredible detail. Capture Pilot from PhaseOne Capture Pilot is an extension of Capture One Pro that provides photographers several unique, advanced features from…

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