Tethering the Fuji XT-1 & XT-2 to Lightroom

Posted by: on Dec 7, 2016

FujiFilm has published a video on their YouTube channel explaining how to tether the XT-2 to Adobe Lightroom using their Adobe Lightroom Plugin. The video only references the Fuji XT-2, but the plugin supports both the XT-1 and the XT-2. Make sure you have the latest firmware for your respective camera.

In typical Fuji fashion, they give you a wide variety of configuration options, especially with their Pro version. It’s a nice touch that you can pick whether you want to keep the images on the SD card or not.

The Fuji XT-2 uses the USB 3.0 TetherPro cable as shown in the video. The Fuji XT-1 uses Micro-B 5-Pin USB 2.0 TetherPro cable.


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