How to Easily Mount Your External Hard Drive to a Laptop

Posted by: on Feb 9, 2016


There’s rarely a safe place for photographers to put a portable external hard drive when using their laptop. Of course, if you’re using a Tether Table Aero, you can simply use an Aero XDC and securely store your external hard drive underneath the table.

That being said, if you’re viewing or editing photos on the go or at home, you might quickly realize there’s no convenient place to put the external hard drive and be assured that while in use it will be safe from a spilled drive or getting knocked off your lap or desk.

With just a couple pieces of gear from Tether Tools, you can create a slick mounting solution for securing your external hard drive to the back of your laptop. You’ll first attach, a RapidStrip to the back of the Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount than press firmly to the back of your laptop. Secure the external hard drive in the mount, then connect the cable.

You can remove the external hard drive from the LoPro Phone Mount as frequently as needed, and the LoPro Phone Mount will stay securely attached to the laptop lid for the next time you get your external hard drive out.

Keep in mind that the LoPro Phone Mount isn’t now a permanent fixture on your laptop, you can remove and the RapidStrips won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

TetherPro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Micro-B Cable

Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount

RapidStrips for Tether Tools RapidMounts


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